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Mortgage Affiliate Program

About Our Affiliate Program
Welcome marketers, website owners, and other “webpreneurs” to the Mortgage Affiliate Program.

We are always looking for new web partners to join our top rated mortgage affiliate program. Below you will find answers to many of the most commonly asked questions about our affiliate program, including our payouts, site acceptance policies, lead validation, tiered payment structure, and more! If you are familiar with Mortgage Affiliate Programs and just want to get straight to the application process. Click here to signup.

About Our Mortgage Affiliate Program

When joining a mortgage affiliate program, and there are many out there to choose from, what is the one thing that makes you choose one competing program over the other? The first reaction is often, of course, higher payouts. However, if you have been in affiliate marketing long enough you know that higher payouts are great, but only if the conversions are there. You have probably also noted that getting the highest conversions requires an active loan affiliate management team that can help you with content, layout ideas, proven conversion techniques, and even give you advice and tips to help drive and increase targetted traffic to your site.

That’s the difference with the mortgage affiliate program. We have a dedicated affiliate management team that is constantly testing for higher conversions, creating unique content and marketing tools, as well as offering advice on SEO, keywords, and landing page construction for our affiliates. We take care of our affiliates because our affiliates take care of us.

Mortgage Affiliate Program – Payouts

Our payouts are very competitive, paid on time each and every month, and we reward volume with our tiered system. Large volume in key states are also eligible for monthly bonuses. Please talk to your affiliate program representative for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Mortgage Affiliate Program

Who is is the mortgage arm of the Home Financial Center, LLC. We are a lead generation company backed by one of the largest consumer financial networks online.

How do you help mortgage affiliates with your program?
We help our loan affiliate partners in several ways:

1.We can provide CUSTOM unique content, on a case by case basis, written by our on staff writers to help increase your overall conversions.

2.Our team of developers, per your request, will make recommendations on site layout and design to help increase your conversions of our program.

3.We can provide custom branded graphics and forms, on a case by case basis, to truly integrate our program into your website. Some conversions are up to 18%!

We are always open to helping our mortgage affiliates make the most of our program. Once you are enrolled you will have direct access to a member of our affiliate staff that can answer any questions that you may have about implementing our affiliate program.

What Kind Of Mortgage Leads Can I Generate?
Currently we are accepting Refinance, Home Equity, Debt Consolidation and Home Purchase leads.

How Much Does it Cost To Signup?
There are no costs to becoming our mortgage affiliate. You can easily sign up and start on our mortgage affiliate program, Signup, it’s free and you can apply right away.

What Are Your Payouts Like?
Please see our payouts grid above.

When and how do I Get Paid?
All of our Affiliates are paid through the service. To see more about their structure, click here. However, we do place a 15 day hold on all payouts on leads for verification purposes. You are paid through your loan affiliate network, we have auto draft accounts with all of our networks to make sure that you are always paid on time!

How Do I Produce For This Program?
What you can do to produce traffic for this program:
-Natural Organic Traffic (SEO)
-Pay Per Click (adwords, YSM, etc…)
-Contextual Ads (as long as they do not incentivize)
-Newsletters (Where the visitor comes to your landing page looking for a loan)

We are more concerned with the traffic that cannot be used for this program:
-Visitors incentivized through the use of specific rates and programs
-Pop unders
-Pop Ups
-People seeking unrelated items or services
-Offering other incentives (offers of winning prizes, downloads, etc..)
-Email marketing with our link imbedded

We prefer organic traffic. We from time to time may offer quality incentives. If we are receiving a higher quality lead from you we may offer additional payout incentives. We believe in quality first, volume second.

When Do I Qualify For Custom Content and/or Ads?
All of our current ads, forms, and other creative’s have been created with years of conversion data going into their development. However, for our larger volume loan affiliates we will provide custom integration and work into your site at no cost.

How Do You Validate Leads?
Leads are validated against contact information, including: Complete and real contact name (Donald mouse type will be returned) and a working phone number. However, leads with obviously misleading information may be returned.

Sounds Great! How Do I Get Started?
It’s easy to get started. Click here to sign up or login to the clixgalore network and apply to become our affiliate today!


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